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Hello my name is William Reagle with Century21 Keim real estate, and today we will be talking about preparing your home for a home sale in this Real Estate Market the right way.

When preparing to sell your home there are some obvious things to do such as some repairs, or declutter, or cleaning up the home. But lets just take a moment and go through some of the different things we should do to prepare your home for the Real Estate Market, Right.

One of the first things you should look at is some basic repairs. Some of us Realtors can come in your home and do an evaluation of what should and shouldn't be repaired based on cost and return on your money. you do not need to be putting 25,000 into a project only to net maybe 10,000. It depends on the project, your home, the real estate market at the time, and your CMA (which will will get to). But there are always things, the smaller things you may not think about that cost next to nothing and net you more profit, and I am not just talking about a little paint.

After the repairs you will want to think about cleaning the home weather you hire somebody for a thorough clean or take care of it yourself, either way you should give the home a real good cleaning, including shampooing carpets maybe. This also invloves some decluttering, it's time to move some items out of the house that don't always get used and declutter some. We also want to think about depersonalizing and taking down some of those family photos. Buyers will want to picture themselves in the home and where they want to put items, so it's time to remove the family items.

All of this helps stage the the home for viewings from potential buyers, removing some items, cleaning, depersonalizing, repairs, all of this is to make the buyer feel as comfortable as possible and help you net the homes potential.

Also lets not forget the exterior of which could be the most important, first impressions set a tone for the buyer when they pull up outside. They are looking at everything when they pull up outside. There are many cheap things to do outside to make your home attractive with just a few bucks and a little elbow grease.

Now you need showings and in order to get that you should have the right Realtor to take the best photos you can and run the best CMA(Comparative Market Analysis) to bring you the highest number possible and get some buyers out there to look at your lovely property. So make sure your ready and just keep cleaning. :)

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