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Is Real Estate a Spring? Yes it is most definitely a spring thing! A few of the main reasons that it is a spring thing, and yes geographically weather can make a difference, but these reasons will still apply.

One reason is the weather, and of course this matters more in the northern regions of the country than the southern regions but it still applies. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, the sun is just shining a little more, daylight savings is over, people are just in a better mood now that the weary winter is over, and you can just get much better pictures of your home, making it look at its best. Every little bit always counts, right.

Another reason is on a buyers side lets say. Its tax season, people are getting income tax checks back which gives them a little more help financially(specifically for their closing costs). And again its warmer out people want to come outside a little more and do things.

And finally another one of the main reasons that it will always be a spring thing, even if its not much of a difference in southern regions, is because Summer is coming. Everybody has made plans to go on vacation as soon as school is out or maybe sooner or later in the summer. So any Real Estate plans any seller or buyer has is hopefully wrapped up by summer. However! buyers are mostly worried about getting in before school starts again, and may not be in as much of a hurry as the seller, but they do know(If they have an Agent that has informed them properly) that this could take maybe up to 2 months for a mortgage process (typically 6 weeks) so that brings it back to spring again.

Now lets not forget there are Real Estate transactions going on all year long, But Spring is always just more.

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